Case Study 3

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Client: Biotherm
Task: Multimedia Production Development
Skills: HTML CSS Python
The skin-care company Biotherm (part of the Luxury Products Division of the L’Oreal Group) and the au- tomobile manufacturer Renault have devised a new concept in cars: the Spa Car, designed to simulta- neously care for the health of its occupants and to protect the environment. Experts from each company contributed their know-how to develop features that are novel for a vehicle’s interior. Biotherm contributed its knowledge on cellular mechanisms in the skin and on the befits of aromatherapy, from work dating back to 1952. Renault provided its expertise in designing and testing equipment for vehicle comfort, fruit of its more than 110 years of experience.

The ZOE Spa Car, slated for launch in autumn 2012, is a 100%-electric car. It features advanced air filtra- tion and purification systems to protect passengers’ health and improve their sense of well-being while inside the vehicle:

• Unlike traditional air-conditioning systems, which are optimized for temperature control but often have a dehydrating effect, especially during long trips, the system used in the ZOE exploits a totally new design to provide intelligent climate control that avoids loss of humidity inside the cabin so that passengers’ skin stays hydrated.
• Passengers will travel in a clean environment, thanks to a toxicity sensor and various particle fil- ters installed in the cabin that open and close the air vents as needed.
• An electric scent dispenser, to provide aromather- apy using essential oils in function of the driver’s needs: stimulation for the morning, relaxation when returning from work, alertness for night- driving.

The ZOE is also equipped with an ambient music sys- tem developed in conjunction with Creative Diffusion (associated with Qwartz, International Electronic and New Music Awards), to provide relaxing or stimulat- ing music as needed. The vehicle also includes a light-therapy system developed in collaboration with Philips, whereby a screen emits light to improve pas- sengers’ sense of wellbeing.